MALTE 65cm

Marionette of Woman malte 65cm brand Living Puppet

€93.90 (VAT incl.)

Malte is someone you can trust! He is always punctual and always tells the truth. She is wearing a stylish brown jacket, a striped sweater, and beige pants. All removable. Size 65 cm.

65cm LIVING PUPPETS® are easy to operate for both children and adults. The puppeteer (whether child or adult) inserts a hand through the opening in the back of the puppet's head. By using the movable mouth, it is easy to create a lot of funny facial expressions and imitations. With the other hand, the puppeteer can slide into the puppet's hand through the sleeve. You can also play with both hands of the puppets, to pick things up, clap, wave or hug. The 65 cm puppets are the most famous in our range. They are highly appreciated by therapists, educators and parents, and most importantly - by children. They impress with their authentic appearance and are a must-have for every child's room.

Important information

Hand wash / Do not bleach / Air dry / Do not iron / Do not dry clean. Character hand puppets 65cm.

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