Finger puppets

Our finger puppets are completely handcrafted products and are handmade one by one making them unique and different pieces from each other. Their designs and colage of colors and plots do not follow any industrial pattern and that makes them so exclusive

TOTTEMS, you can place your finger behind, come in several models and have a counterweight in its base that allows them to stand up for decorative or design use

MUÑE, they are also puppets of finger but of whole body and in its different models you can place two fingers in its head and with the sides move their hands even.


€6.80 (VAT incl.)
Large fox finger puppet, they are made of cotton fabric and the image is screen printed.
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Finger Puppet Catalog

We have a wide catalog of finger puppets so you can have fun with your children.

We have terrestrial animal finger puppets: mouse, bear, mole, monkey, rabbit, squirrel, rhino, elephant, macaw, parrot , badger, dog, cat, crocodile, antelope, tiger, turtle, sheep, pig, lion, kangaroo, hedgehog, goat, giraffe, frog, fox, donkey < / em>, chimpanzee, cow, camel, wolf, zebra .. .

Marine animals finger puppets : lobster, seal, killer whale, whale, shark, seahorse, clownfish, dolphin, crab.

Insect puppets: butterfly, bee, grasshopper, caterpillar, ladybug ...

Bird finger puppets: seagull, penguin, hummingbird, duck, robin < / em>, owl, ostrich, chicken ....

Other finger puppets: spiders, dragons, unicorns ...



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