Finger puppets

Finger puppets are characterized by their smaller format and where only the finger is inserted for manipulation. Constructed in fabrics of bright colors and different shapes, they are machine washable and do not have elements that can come off, fully sewn


€6.80 (VAT incl.)
Large fox finger puppet, they are made of cotton fabric and the image is screen printed.
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Finger Puppet Catalog

We have a wide catalog of finger puppets so you can have fun with your children.

We have terrestrial animal finger puppets: mouse, bear, mole, monkey, rabbit, squirrel, rhino, elephant, macaw, parrot , badger, dog, cat, crocodile, antelope, tiger, turtle, sheep, pig, lion, kangaroo, hedgehog, goat, giraffe, frog, fox, donkey < / em>, chimpanzee, cow, camel, wolf, zebra .. .

Marine animals finger puppets : lobster, seal, killer whale, whale, shark, seahorse, clownfish, dolphin, crab.

Insect puppets: butterfly, bee, grasshopper, caterpillar, ladybug ...

Bird finger puppets: seagull, penguin, hummingbird, duck, robin < / em>, owl, ostrich, chicken ....

Other finger puppets: spiders, dragons, unicorns ...



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